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Contacting the authors

You can contact the authors by mail:

  • directly from within DoF plus application (go to Options tab, then select About item)
  • from this web site (select Contact in top menu, then click Contact Form)


Frequently asked questions

My camera model is not listed in the application

DoF plus application is updated on regular basis. At each update, latest camera models added in the database of the application.
In case you identify that the application is missing one particular camera model, just drop us a mail and we will add it.


The application crashes when I launch it

You launch the application and it does not start. Or you launch it and it abruptly stop immediately.

The first thing to do in case the application do not start (or in case it crashes during startup) is to uninstall it and install it again. If this does not solve the issue, try rebooting your device. If the application still crash after that, please consider dropping us a mail.